General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Jogging/Nordic walking
Language English
Module lecturer dr Marek Kruk
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position Senior lecturer
Faculty The School of Physical Education and Sport
Semester 2023/2024 (winter)
Duration 30


Field activities

Module aim (aims)

Specific competencies to be achieved. The student will:1. Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of starting a jogging program.2. Know how to find the right type of jogging shoe.3. Understand what types of clothes are best to jog in when each new seasonarrives.4. Learn what type of jogging accessories they should have.5. Understand the basic elements of a balanced diet to combine with theirjogging program.6. Learn basic warm up and cool down stretching techniques.7. Learn correct jogging form.8. Develop and understanding of the RICE Technique for giving first aid forjogging injuries.9. Find out what walking techniques are Nordic walking.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Having a student status erasmusGeneral competencies to be achieved. The student will:1. Learn the importance of healthful living and its contributions to his/herphysical, mental, social, and spiritual growth.2. Learn an activity that can be used in leisure time.3. Develop an interest in jogging.4. Develop an adequate skill in jogging.5. Broaden his/her general knowledge of jogging


Designed to enhance aerobic ability while teaching proper techniques and fundamentals of jogging and Nordic walking.

Reading list

Gabryś T. Borek Z., (red.) [2005]: Lekkoatletyka. Podręcznik dla studentów, nauczycielii trenerów. Cz. I. Biegi i chód sportowy. AWF. Katowice.- Szelest Z., Sulisz S. [1985]: Lekkoatletyka. Zbiór ćwiczeń ogólnych i specjalnych. SiT. AWF Warszawa- Sozański H. (red.) Podstawy Treningu. Biblioteka Trenera.- Skarżynski J., 2010, Biegiem przez życie. Mega Sport Szczecin.