General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Competition And Market Law In Europe
Language English
Module lecturer Dr. iur. Igor B. Nestoruk, MJC (Bonn)
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position adiunkt
Faculty Faculty of Law and Administration
Semester 2021/2022 (summer)
Duration 20
USOS code 10-FEUCL-w-erasm


Tuesday 10:00-11:30; room 4.14

Collegium Iuridicum  Novum. Address: Al. Niepodległości 53, Poznań


Module aim (aims)

• providing the students with basic knowledge necessary to understand the present role of competition law within the market integration in the European Union
• providing the students with basic knowledge necessary to understand the scope of the application of the selected provisions of the European (national and EU) competition law

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Students attending the course are expected to be familiar with basic legal (civil and public law) and economic concepts.


Week 1: Basic definitions and concepts (e.g. “competition”, “market”)

Week 2: Market integration: forms and examples

Week 3: History of EU and selected national competition law(s)

Week 4: Goals of EU competition law and EU competition policy

Week 5: System of sources of EU competition law / case law

Week 6: Rules on competition applying to undertakings (anti-competitive agreements between undertakings / abuse of dominance / merger control)

Week 7: Rules on competition applying to states (aids granted by States / state monopolies of a commercial character)

Week 8: Institutional aspects

Week 9: Enforcement and procedures

Week 10: Member states and EU competition law

Reading list

Chalmers D., Davies G., Monti G., European Union Law. Cases and Materials, 2nd ed., Cambridge 2010
Monti G., EC Competition Law, 2007
Wish R., Competition Law, 6th ed. 2008
Gerber, D. J., Law and Competition in Twentieth Century Europe, Oxford 2001
Goyder J., Albors-Llorens, A., Goyder's EC Competition Law, 5th ed., 2009
Competition Policy Newsletter (European Commission)
European Courts Judgements (Eur-Lex)