General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Tennis - sports classes
Language English
Module lecturer dr Piotr Ogarzyński
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position Senior Lecturer
Faculty The School of Physical Education and Sport
Semester 2023/2024 (summer)
Duration 30
USOS code 32


30hours: 15x 1,5h

Module aim (aims)

The aim of this module is to provide basic tennis skills and knowledge about tennis.

Apart from teaching tennis techniques, typical tennis habits, rules and  behaviour will be forwarded to the participants.

Tennis is not only a sport, but a social event where people may enhance their fitness in a pleasant ambience.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

The student must have basic motoric skills to perform motion appropriate to perform and acquire tennis techniques. The sports school provides equipment, such as: tennis rockets and balls. Still, the participant of the tennis classes must have a basic sports suit and sports footwear.


  1. Introduction into tennis: basic rocket grip (continental grip), coordinative exercises to become accustomed to timing in basic tennis shots
  2. Forehand technique, grip, stance and motion. Control shot.
  3. Backhand technique, grip, stance and motion. Observation of the tennis court.
  4. Transition from forehand to backhand and reverse.
  5. Directing of the shots. Proper motion directing the shots into planned areas of the court.
  6. Running and motion on the court: unit turn, approaching of the ball, final stride, returning to the starting position. Basic tennis games, introduction into rules
  7. Serve – basic technique and rules. Combining serve with forehand and backhand shots. Basic tennis games.
  8. Ball spin: topspin and drive, two basic spins in tennis - technique and tactics. Advanced rocket grips and dynamic motion. Basic tennis games with counting rules.
  9. Volley and smash: approaching the net. Basic tennis games with counting rules combining all known techniques.
  10. Slice and chop – offensive and defensive tactics. Singles and doubles rules and game.
  11. Stop shot, repetition of all techniques. Doubles/Singles – advanced tactics.
  12. Depth of shots. Length and direction control. Doubles/Singles – advanced tactics.
  13. Lob – high shots. Controlling the length of a shot. Doubles/Singles – advanced tactics.
  14. Enhancing the power of shots. Coordinative exercises. Match.
  15. Coordinative exercises. Final Matches.


Reading list

  1. Douglas P. (1992) The handbook of tennis, wyd. London : Pelham Books
  2. Tennis Canada., Coaching Association of Canada, (1999) Play tennis : introductory tennis lessons for juniors, wyd. Kanada : Tennis Canada
  3. Tennis Coaches Australia (2002) Advanced Coaching, wyd. Melbourne : TCA
  4. Faulkner T. (2007) Tenis dla żółtodziobów, wyd. Rebis
  5. Rich S. (2007) Tenis – poradnik nowoczesnego gracza, wyd. Muza
  6. Romer A. (2005) Tenis, wyd. Wiedza i Życie


The books are available in the Poznań University of Physical Education  library