General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Workshops Design In Constructivist And Narrative Approach
Language English
Module lecturer mgr Syma Marta Al Azab-Malinowska
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position
Faculty Faculty of Educational Studies
Semester 2022/2023 (summer)
Duration 30
USOS code 11-WDCNA-11-a


UAM building - Międzychodzka 5 Poznan, Room 313.

Classes from 9:45-13:00 on Thursdays





2.06 (canceled)



extra classes:

12.06 Monday from 9:45-11:15 and 11:30-14:45 UAM building - Międzychodzka 5 Poznan, Room 204.

21.06 Wednesday 13:15-14:45 UAM building – Szamarzewskiego 89 Poznan, Room 002.

Module aim (aims)

It aims to provide an introduction to designing and conducting workshops. Students will have the opportunity to get familiar with the techniques of working with a group, and the principles of conducting workshops. Selected techniques of working with a group will be presented for example creativity training, problem-based supervision, and more. The theoretical framework for a practical workshop here is a constructivism and narrative approach. The summary of the course will be a combination of theoretical knowledge with practical action that gives a chance to gain competence in the field of design workshops.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)


Week 1: Introduction, theoretical foundations of constructivism
Week 2: Introduction, theoretical foundations of narrative approach
Week 3: Principles of group work (contract, goals) part 1
Week 4: Principles of group work (contract, goals) part 2
Week 5: Head or neck? The role of the group leader: tasks and responsibilities
Week 6: Let's get creative! Tools for group work (part 1)
Week 7: Let's get creative! Tools for group work (part2)
Week 7: Workshop tools: The use of metaphors
Week 7: Creativity training (part 1)
Week 8: Creativity training (part 2)
Week 9: Problem-based supervision (part 1)
Week 10: Problem-based supervision (part 2)
Week 11: Workshop communication methods - summary
Week 12: Online meetings - challenges and opportunities
Week 13: When it's time to say goodbye: the role of closing in the group process - summary
Week 14: An invitation to workshop: student proposals (part 1)
Week 15: An invitation to workshop: student proposals (part 2)

Reading list

Balicki B., (2021) Radykalny konstruktywizm. Krótkie wprowadzenie

Baron R. S., Kerr N., (2003) Group Process, Group Decision, Group Action

Jachimska M., (1994) Grupa bawi się i pracuje - zbiór grupowych gier i ćwiczeń psychologicznych

Nęcka E., Szymura B., i inni (2019) Trening twórczości

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