General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title German Grammar A2 Level
Language English German
Module lecturer mgr Renata Rydian
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position Senior lecturer
Faculty Foreign Languages Teaching Centre
Semester 2022/2023 (summer)
Duration 30


Module aim (aims)

Proficiency in all rules of German grammar at A2 level.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Before starting this course students have to make sure that they have completed the A1 level of German.

You will mainly learn German grammar in this course with short stories and a lot of exercises and tests. This course is focused on the A2 German grammar, but it's also for students who want to organize their basic knowledge of German grammar. Texts from everyday life will be particularly useful in developing the vocabulary at the A2 level.

Let's deal with German grammar once and for all, shall we?


Week 1: Adjective deklination with definite, indefinite article - Adjektivdeklination mit dem bestimmten und 

              unbestimmten Artikel.

Week 2: Pronouns: personal, possessive, demonstrative - Pronomen: Personalpronomen, Possessivpronomen,


Week 3: Prepositions: with Accusative, Dative, Genitive, Accusative or Dative - Präpositionen mit dem Akkusativ,

               mit dem Dativ, mit dem Genitiv, mit dem Akkusativ oder Dativ.

Week 4: Verb: separable, inseparable, reflexive - Verb: trennbar, untrennbar,reflexiv.

Week 5: Adverb: local,temporal, causal, modal - Adverb: Lokaladverb, Temporaladverb, Kausaladverb,


Week 6: Participle: present participle, past participle - Partizip Präsens, Partizip Perfekt.

Week 7: Subjunktions - Subjunktionen.

Week 8: Processual Passive - Vorgangspassiv.

Week 9: Perfekt Tense - Perfekt.

Week 10: Simple Past - Imperfekt.

Week 11: Infinitive Construction with "zu"  - Infinitivkonstruktion mit "zu".

Week12: Case Government - Rektion des Verbs.

Week 13: Subjunctive - Konjunktiv II.

Week 14: Revision - Wiederholung.

Week 15: Evaluation Test - Bewertungstest.


Reading list

Complete German Grammar, Ed Swick, Mc Graw Hill

German Grammar, Collins

Deutsch Sprachkurs Plus

Deutsche Grammatik in Frage und Antwort, Langenscheidt

Język Niemiecki, M. Siekaj

Nowe Repetytorium z Gramatyki  Języka Niemieckiego, S. Bęza

Entertaining German Short Stories, Academy Der Sprachclub