General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Art Therapy
Language English
Module lecturer Marcela Kościańczuk
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position prof. UAM
Faculty Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Semester 2022/2023 (summer)
Duration 30
USOS code in progress


Thursday 13.15- 14.45 Campus Ogrody Szamarzewskiego 89 room 307 building D

Module aim (aims)

1. Student achieve knowledge about different types of art therapy2. Student achieve basic skills in different types of art therapy3. Student achieve knowledge and skills connected with appropriate match between the problem and art therapy method.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Just 6 out of 30 classes are theoretical. Most of the claases are practical and use our creativity, openess and personal engagement. Basic knowledge in the field of psychology or psychotherapy is recommended but not obligatory.


1.-2.Introduction to art therapy, theoretical and practical ground, connections to other disciplines.3. Art. therapy uses in different problems and groups4. Narration in art. therapy5. Art therapy and mindfulness6. Drama in Art therapy7. Dance and movement therapy8. Photography in Art Therapy9.-10. Music therapy11. Drawing and painting in Art therapy12. Collage in Art therapy13. Art Therapy, Art Studio and community art14-15 Students’ Project based on the techniques used during the classes.

Reading list

1. St. Murphy- Shigematsu, Multicultural encounters chapter 4 The Power in a name2. D. Wyatt, Unsettling the Badlands community art and the governance of place, chapter 1 Location of cultures3. E. Heather McLean, Cracks in the creative city: The contradictions in community art practice „International Journal of Urban and Regional research” 2014/ 38.64. Y. Young Art. therapy handbook, chapter 1 Brief History of Art Therapy5. M. Strous, Racial Sensitivity and multicultural training chapter 3 Training models6. -7. P. Bresba,Telling stories ma king meaning. Art. therapy as a process for refugee children to make sense of their experiences, p.7-218. S.A. RIgazio-Di Gilio, A.E. Ivey, K.P. Kunkler-Peck, Cultural genorgam chapter 19. Y.M. Lemzoudi, Migration, acculturation process, cultural identity development and art therapy imag ery of adolescent migrants, chapter 310. Ch. Doyle, Spirituality and art. therapy, p. 17-28, 70-8611. D. F. Young, P. Yoon, Ethnic minority clients’ perceptions on significance of race in cross-racial therapy relationships, „Psychotherapy Research” 2011/5, s. 567-582.12. S. C. Koch, R. Dietrich-Hartwell, Creative art therapies as temporary Home for refugees: insights from literature and practice, „Behavioral Science” 7/201713. G. E. Ely, S. Koury, K. Bennet, C. Hartinger, S. Green, T. Nochajski, „I feel like I am finding peace”: Exploring the use of combined art therapy and adapter seeking safety program with refugee suport groups, „Advances in Social Work” 2017/1