General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title European Intellectual History From Vico To Dilthey
Language English
Module lecturer Maciej Junkiert
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position Prof. UAM dr hab.
Faculty Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology
Semester 2021/2022 (summer)
Duration 20
USOS code 03-AP-EIH


Module aim (aims)

The lecture aims to familiarize the students with key ideas created by select European thinkers and to reconstruct their reception in Poland and Germany. The ideas on which we will focus explore the reasons for the birth of literature as a crucial social institution, the significance of the university and academia in modern Europe, and various interpretations of the past and how they influence the present day.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)



Intellectual History investigates the formation and evolution of human thinking. It is commonly recognized as a successor to the history of ideas in the field of historical sciences. The lecture will discuss the ideas of several prominent European thinkers, such as Vico, Rousseau, Hegel, Mickiewicz, Marx, Nietzsche and Dilthey. We will consider their views on the past of humans and the possibilities for various interpretations of the past as well as their perception of the birth of literature and its development in Europe. All these authors were connected to the university or academia as important institutions of social life. We will, therefore, examine the role of the university and academia in shaping the ideas created by these thinkers. One of the pivotal elements of Intellectual History is also studying the reception of major and influential ideas. The lecture will consider this reception based on the examples of Poland and Germany, analyzing its separate and distinct paths.

Reading list