General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Biology And Ecology Of Bioindicators
Language English
Module lecturer prof. UAM dr hab. Mariusz Pełechaty
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position profesor nadzwyczajny
Faculty Faculty of Biology
Semester 2021/2022 (summer)
Duration 45
USOS code 13.1 Environmental Biolog


Module aim (aims)

The course introduces the bioindication as a useful technique for the assessment of the state of aquatic ecosystems. Biology of micro- and macroorganisms and their ecological requirements, determining their ecological plasticity, will be analyzed as the limits of indicative value. Bioindication of trophy status as well as ecological status of waters, recommended by the Water Framework Directive as a tool for modern management, will be presented, including commonly applied indices.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

General knowledge in hydrobiology and ecology

Graduate students (B.A.)


Week 1
L: Methodology of bioindication
Cl: Ecological amplitudes vs. indicative value of species

Week 2
L: Indicative value of phytoplankton
Cl: Characteristics of diatoms


Week 3
L: Hydromacrophytes as bioindicators (macroalgae and higher plants)
Cl. Diatoms as indicators

Week 4
L: Review of animal bioindicators
Cl. Biology end ecology of indicative green algae

Week 5
L: Biological proxis in palaeoecology
Cl. Biology and ecology of indicative euglenoids


Week 6
L: Water Framework Directive: methods of the ecological status assessment
Cl. Green macroalgae: biology, ecology and indicative value

Week 7
L: Water Framework Directive: methods of the ecological status assessment, continued.
Cl. Basic aspects of biology and ecology of charophytes, the group of sensitive macroalgae

Week 8
L: Bioindicators and bioindication: a summary
Cl. Habitat and environment-forming role vs. indicative value of charophytes

Week 9
Cl. Higher plant species as bioindicators (lakes and rivers)

Week 10
Cl. Higher plant species as bioindicators (wetlands)

Week 11
Cl. Bioindicative value of zooplankton communities

Week 12
Cl. Zoobenthic indices of trophy state

Week 13
Cl. Bioindication in the ecological status assessment

Week 14
Cl. Indicative species applied in palaeoecology

Week 15
Cl. Test

Reading list

Wetzel R. G. 2001. Limnology, Lake and River Ecosystems, 3rd edition. Academic Press, San Diego, 1006 pp.

Wetzel R. G., Likens G. E., 2001. Limnological Analyses, Third edition, New York, Springer-Verlag, pp. 429

“Water Framework Directive”, Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2000 establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy