General information

Module title Contemporary Philosophy Of Dialogue
Language English
Module lecturer prof. UAM dr hab. Piotr Leśniewski, dr Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position adiunkt, adiunkt
Faculty Faculty of Philosophy
Semester 2021/2022 (winter)
Duration 30
USOS code 22-PIE-CPD


Module aim (aims)

1. Promoting in participants dialogical attitude.2. Making participants familiar with a contemporary theories of dialogue.3. Approaching contemporary challenges in building dialogical relations.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

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Week 1: Introduction Week 2: Franz Rosenzweig Week 3: Martin BuberWeek 4: Emmanuel Lévinas Week 5: Analogical paradigm as a foundation of dialogueWeek 6: Enrique DusselWeek 7: Paulo Freire Week 8: Jorge Luis BorgesWeek 9: Reyes MateWeek 10: Ortega y GassetWeek 11: Józef TischnerWeek 12: The project of dialogical societyWeek 13: Utopias vs. dystopias Week 14: Philosophy of revolt: Camus and VercorsWeek 15: Limits of dialogue

Reading list

Jorge Luis Borges & Oswaldo Ferrari, In Dialogue Jorge Luis Borges AutobiographyMartin Buber I and ThouAlbert Camus The Rebel Enrique Dussel Transmodernity and Interculturality: An Interpretation from the Perspective of Philosophy of LiberationEnrique Dussel Philosophy of LiberationPaulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska & Piotr Leśniewski The culture of memory: the approach of Reyes MateKatarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska & Piotr Leśniewski “The Kindly Ones” (Les Bienveillantes): The Red Herrings within a Theory of Intercultural Rationality Aldous Huxley, Brave New WorldPhilip Larkin This Be the VerseEmmanuel Lévinas, Existence and ExistentsJonathan Littell The Kindly Ones Thomas Merton The Seven Storey Mountain George Orwell 1984Walter Redmond Recent Themes in Catholic Social Thought in Latin America (+ short commentary 40 years later)Franz Rosenzweig The Star of RedemptionJ.R.R, Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories (Tree and Leaf)Oscar Wilde, De Profundis