General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Gender in geography and planning
Language English
Module lecturer Edyta Bąkowska-Waldmann, Julia Kaczmarek
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position adiunkt (assistant professor), adiunkt (assistant professor)
Faculty Faculty of Human Geography and Planning
Semester 2024/2025 (winter)
Duration 20


The course will take place in winter semester.

Location: Collegium Geographicum, Bogumiła Krygowskiego 10, Faculty of Human Geography and Planning

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Module aim (aims)

The main goals of the module are: (1) to present the impact of selected non-economic factors (associated with culturally determined gender roles) on the development of countries and regions, and (2) to discuss the role and need for a gender-based equality approach in local governance and spatial planning.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

English language skills at a level enabling participation in discussions and reading of the proposed literature.


Week 1: What is the link between geography and gender? - introduction to the subject of the lecture.

Week 2: The impact of institutions (formal and informal) in shaping gender (in)equality.

Week 3: The influence of selected socio-cultural and demographic conditions on the development of countries and regions.

Week 4: Workshop 1: How do informal 'rules of the game in a society' affect our prosperity?

Week 5: Gender-differentiated spatial needs - why gender representativeness matters in spatial planning?

Week 6: Designing cities for ...? Discrimination, marginalization, and invisibility in urban space.

Week 7: Gender mainstreaming in local governance.

Week 8: Workshop 2: Developing gender mainstreaming strategies in spatial planning.

Week 9: Essay topics discussion session.

Week 10: Summary of classes and presentations of students' projects.


Reading list

The reading list will be presented during the first lecture.