General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Communicating At Work - Intermediate English For The Workplace
Language English
Module lecturer mgr Martyna Surma
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position senior lecturer
Faculty Foreign Languages Teaching Centre
Semester 2024/2025 (winter)
Duration 30


Module aim (aims)

The course aims at developing communication skills that will enable the students to operate successfully in an English-speaking work environment. It offers a variety of practice exercises focused on building useful vocabulary and developing listening and speaking skills for everyday working life.

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

B1+/B2  General English


1) introductions and greetings, meeting people in business, small talk;

2) describing your job; work conditions;

3) describing a company;

4) telephoning;

5) making and changing appointments;

6) participating in meetings;

7) numbers, graphs, diagrams;

8) presentations:

9) giving updates, checking progress, short reports;

10) opinions, agreeing and disagreeing;

11) entertaining and socialising;

12) business travel;

13) customer calls, dealing with problems;

14) offers, requests, suggestions;

Reading list