General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Church History in Early Modern Era
Language English
Module lecturer ks. prof. UAM dr hab. Paweł Zając
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position
Faculty Faculty of Theology
Semester 2024/2025 (winter)
Duration 16
USOS code 12-AP18


The information will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

Module aim (aims)

  1. To give an overview of basic facts concerning Church history in early modern era
  2. To analyze motivations and inspirations of people who had most impact on historical events
  3. To investigate broader social context of major turning points in the life of the Church
  4. To increase ability of critical evaluation of archival sources
  5. To understand continuity and change in the life and institutions of the Church

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

  1. Awareness of the specificity of historical discourse
  2. Basic knowledge of history of the early modern era (dates, names, places)
  3. Ability to engage in analysis and synthesis of historical material
  4. Respect for different points of view in the evaluation of historical facts


    1. Reformation and Catholic Reform in Europe
    1. Reformation and Catholic Reform in Europe with special focus on Poland
    1. Universal Christianity - missionary projects after 1492
    1. Papacy and Roman Curia from Alexander VI to Pius VI
    1. Theology, spirituality and culture inspired by Christianity from Renaissance to Baroque
    1. Church and state in Europe before the French Revolution
    1. Religious orders, their saints and their critics
    1. Challenge of Enlightenment and Christian responses
    1. From wars of religion to French Revolution
    1. Religious tolerance in 18th century, partitions of Poland
    1. History in practice: Vatican Archives
    1. History in practice: missionary archives
    1. History in practice: documentation of the process against Galileo Galilei
    1. History in practice: about index Librorum prohibitorum (index of forbidden books)
    1. History in practice: papal diplomacy
    1. History in practice: from the Council of Trent to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen


Reading list

Butterwick R. The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church, 1788-1792: A Political History. Oxford University Press 2011.

Davies N. God’s Playground. A History of Poland, 2 vol., Oxford University Press 2005.

Hsia RP, ed. The Cambridge History of Christianity. Volume 6: Reform and Expansion 1500-1660 Cambridge University Press 2007 (online 2008).

Jedin H., ed. History of the Church, vol. 5-7, New York 1980-1981. 

Kloczowski J., A History of Polish Christianity, Cambridge University Press 2000.

Lehner U., Printy M., ed., A Companion to the Catholic Enlightenment in Europe. Brill 2010.  

S.J. Brown, T. Tackett, ed., The Cambridge History of Christianity. Volume 7: Enlightenment, Reawakening and Revolution 1660–1815. Cambridge University Press 2006 (online 2008).