General information

Module title Basic R programming for scientists
Language English
Module lecturer Dr Paweł Bogawski, Dr Łukasz Grewling
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position Assistant Professor
Faculty Faculty of Biology
Semester 2021/2022 (winter)
Duration 30


Module aim (aims)

• To use R software in analysing environmental data• Acquiring basic programming skills in R• Simple statistical modelling in R• Plotting scientific data in R• Manipulate 3-dimensional laser scanning data and measure plant characteristics using remote sensing in R• Process different climatic, phenological, soil and other environmental data in R• Model current, past and future species distribution in R

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

• No programming knowledge required – this course aims to start from the basics


Week 1: Introduction to R environment (lecture, 2h)Week 2: How R can enhance your research (lecture, 2h)Week 3: Examples of using R in biology and geography (lecture, 2h)Week 4: Basics of manipulating data in R environment (computer workshops, 3h) Week 5: Basics of manipulating data in R environment – continued (computer workshops, 3h)Week 6: Accessing climatic and biological station/point data (computer workshop, 3h)Week 7: Statistical testing of hypotheses (computer workshop, 3h)Week 8: R software for satellite images (computer workshop, 3h)Week 9: Environmental niche modelling (computer workshop, 3h)Week 10: Laser scanning data as a valuable source of environmental/biotic information (computer workshop, 3h) Week 11: Review of knowledge acquired and discussion (computer workshop, 3h)

Reading list

R software tutorials:Paradis E. 2005. R for beginners: Quick-R tutorial: tools for high-throughput data analysis: R tutorials, Videos freely available in the InternetWang K. et al 2010. Remote Sensing of Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation: A Review from the Perspective of Remote Sensing Specialists. Sensors 10, 9647-9667; doi:10.3390/s101109647United Nations 2000. Handbook on geographic information systems and digital mapping. New York