General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Child Abuse And Neglect In Social And Psychological Perspective
Language EN
Module lecturer dr Monika Zielona-Jenek
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position senior lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science
Semester 2024/2025 (summer)
Duration 30


The course consists of 8 classes (7 long and 1 standard)

Address: Campus Szamarzewo (Szamarzewskiego 89), room 305, building D (second floor)

Module aim (aims)

- to provide knowledge on child abuse and neglect problem, its psychosocial determinants, and consequences
- to develop skills useful for analysis and preparation of interventions aimed at preventing the problem
- to make students aware and sensitive to the ethical issues associated with making interventions in the area of child abuse

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

- basic psychological knowledge (or readiness to overtake it, with teacher's help),
- competence of reflection on surrounding social word,
- competence of discussion and work in groups.


Week 1. Child in a world of social relations.
              Social contexts and relational factors of child development.
Week 2. Etiology of child abuse and neglect - theories focused on offenders.
Week 3. Etiology of child abuse and neglect - victimological theories.
              Social and cultural theories of child abuse and neglect.
Week 4. Physical abuse and neglect of children.
              Sexual abuse of children.
Week 5. Emotional abuse and neglect in child care relations.
              Peer violence.
Week 6. Consequences of abuse and neglect in child’s development.
              Intergenerational transmission as a long-term consequence of abuse and neglect experience.
Week 7. Disclosure and diagnosis of child abuse and neglect.
              Interventions in child abuse cases. Levels and strategies of prevention.
Week 8. Child as a witness in court (visit to the Local Committee of Children's Rights Protection in Poznań).

Reading list

Browne, K. D., Hanks, H., Stratton, P., Hamilton-Giachritsis, C. (eds.) (2002). Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse: A Handbook. London: Wiley-Blackwell.
Finkelhor, D. (2008). Childhood Victimization: Violence, crime, and abuse in the lives of young people. OUP USA.
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