General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Cosmetics Product Analysis
Language English
Module lecturer Prof. dr hab. Izabela Nowak (lectures 15h); prof. UAM dr hab. Agnieszka Feliczak-Guzik (labs 30h); dr Agata Wawrzyńczak (labs 30h)
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position professor (lectures); prof. UAM and dr (labs)
Faculty Faculty of Chemistry
Semester 2023/2024 (winter)
Duration 45
USOS code 02-CPAA


Timetable - tba

2 groups will be available

Module aim (aims)

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Basic knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry


Titles of classes – cannot be applied to the educational system used in this course (the course is performed in the block system: 5 weeks lectures (3h per week) and 6 weeks laboratory project (once a week).

Reading list

1) A. Salvador, A. Chisvert, "Analysis of Cosmetic Products", Elsevier, 2007, 2018

2) Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products

3) "The rules governing cosmetic products in the European Union", Volume 2 „Cosmetics legislation Cosmetic products. Methods of analysis", EUROPEAN COMMISSION Enterprise Directorate-General Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, 2000; „The SCCS Notes of guidance for the testing of cosmetic ingredients and their safety evaluation", 2017.

4) EEMCO The European Group on Efficacy Measurement and Evaluation of Cosmetics and other Products