General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title French for Beginners I
Language French/English
Module lecturer dr Hanna Wiczyńska
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position lecturer
Faculty Foreign Languages Teaching Centre
Semester 2023/2024 (winter)
Duration 30


Monday 15.00-16.30, room 336, Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, Grunwaldzka 6 street

Module aim (aims)

- developing the four basic language skills - speaking, reading, writing and listening,

- mastering a range of vocabulary, phrases and structures of French at beginner level,

- acquiring the ability to understand simple written and listened texts on general topics,

- acquiring the intercultural knowledge necessary to establish and maintain communication with users of the target language, appropriate to their level of proficiency,

- familiarisation with the fundamental values of the culture of French-speaking countries,

- developing an awareness of continuous improvement of language skills,

- acquiring the ability to use teaching aids and information technology proficiently to develop language skills

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

The course is for students who have no prior knowledge of French (true beginners) and who are interested in discovering French language and culture.


Week 1: How to introduce yourself

Week 2: Objects/products: colours, shapes.

Week 3: Bodyparts

Week 4: Appearence and charakter

Week 5: Family

Week 6: Well-being, complaints

Week 7: Time. Occupations.

Week 8: Free time and hobbies.

Week 9: Sights of Paris

Week 10: Holidays

Week 11: Weather and climate

Week 12: Christmas and other festivities

Week 13: Making friends.

Week 14: Revision.

Week 15: Evaluation Test.


Reading list

Dubois A., Lerolle M., Scénario 1, A1/ A2, Méthode de français, Hachette, 2008

Grégoire M.,Thiévenaz O., Grammaire progresive du français, niveau débutant, CLE, 2013

Menand R., Nouveau Taxi 1, Hachette, 2010

Miquel C.,Vocabulaire progressif du français, niveau débutant, Clé International, 1999