General information

Course type AMUPIE
Module title Social Psychology
Language English
Module lecturer dr hab. prof UAM Hanna Mamzer
Lecturer's email
Lecturer position prof UAM
Faculty Faculty of Sociology
Semester 2023/2024 (winter)
Duration 30
USOS code 24-PIE-SP



10 meetings, 3 teaching hours each meeting, ON-LINE , 10 classes (10 weeks). Only 20 persons can attend class. Final grading at the last class but Students will be asked to write small (one page A4) essays in the meantime. Those essays will be included into final grading. Classes are on-line but turning on camera is MANDATORY and active participation in the class is required. Please make sure you have sufficient proficiency of English language in order to participate in the class. One absence is allowed, next ones have to be confirmed by medical doctor's statement.


Module aim (aims)

  1. Module aim (aims)

Pre-requisites in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences (where relevant)

Sufficient proficiency of English langueage is required- oral assesment will be held during first meeting. For those signing up for the class later- obligatory conversation with lecturer will be held.




    1. Introduction into psychology class.


    1. What psychology is about? Main problems and issues in psychology, dominating approaches. Movie: Experiment.


    1. Attitudes: creating, changing and influencing attitudes.Movie: Obedience.


    1. Non-verbal communication: general introduction.


    1. Non-verbal communication: specificity of mimics, gestures, posture and space management.


    1. Cultural differences and non verbal communication.


    1. Social stereotypes and prejudices- general introduction.


    1. Social stereotypes: How to fight stereotypes? Movie: Blue-eyed.


    1. Conformity and self-fulfilling expectations. Rosenthal’s experiments.


    1. Social aggression, frustration: causes and consequences.


    1. Emotional expression, social aspects of expressing stress.


    1. Interpersonal attraction.


    1. Leadership and power.


    1. Group and group processes.


    1. Written test.


Reading list

Obligatory handbooks:

Philipe Zimbardo "Psychology and life"

Elliot Aronson "Social animal"

Elliot Aronson "Social Psychology: The Heart and the Mind"


Additional references:

Allport G. (1954) The Nature of Predjudice. Reading, MA: Addison Wesley.

Huffman, K., Vernoy, M.; Williams,B., Vernoy J. (1991). Psychology in Action. Chapter 1.

Bower, G.H., Bootzin, R.R., Zajonc, R.B. (1987). Principles of Psychology Today. New York: Random House. Chapter 12, 13, 18 and other corresponding chapters

McGuire, W. the concepts pf attitudes and their relation to behaviors. In: H.W.Sinaiko, L.A.Broedling (eds) Perspectives on Attitude Assesment: Surveys and their alternatives. Pendleton Publ. 1976

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